Digital Edition

Advancing Care – May/June 2021

Goodbye, Hip Pain!
…and more

Advancing Care – January/February 2021

Extending the Life of a Purple Heart
…and more

Advancing Care – November/December 2020

NYC Teen Received Advanced Care to Remove Spinal Tumor
…and more

Advancing Care – September/October 2020

WMCHealth Rose to the Challenge of a Pandemic
Tips for Coping with Stress and Anxiety
…and more

Advancing Care – January/February 2020

Game Changer
A Less-Invasive Alternative to Open-Heart Surgery Changed This Cornwall Boy’s Life
…and more

Advancing Care – November/December 2019

I Cheated Death
Quick Thinking and High-Quality Medical Care Helped Save a Life
…and more

Advancing Care – September/October 2019

Two Lives at Stake
20 Things to Know About Breast Cancer
…and more

Advancing Care – July/August 2019

New Lease on Life
State-of-the-Art Wound Healing
…and more

Advancing Care – May/June 2019

Unstoppable Determination
Treating a Childhood Threat
…and more

Advancing Care – March/April 2019

200 Pounds Lighter and Not Looking Back
One Week. Six Heart Transplants
…and more

Advancing Care – January/February 2019

Out of the Woods
A Lifetime of Care
A Silent Cardiac Killer
…and more

Advancing Care – November/December 2018

Sit. Stay. Heal.
Alzheimer’s: There’s Hope for a Cure
5 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating
…and more

Advancing Care – September/October 2018

How to Save a Life
An Alternative to Open-Heart Surgery
The Latest in Migraine Relief
…and more

Advancing Care – July/August 2018

Lyme Disease: Beyond the Symptoms
Bicycle Safety: One Teen’s Story
…and more

Advancing Care – May/June 2018

Healing at Her Own Hospital
Telepsychiatry Reaches Rural Students
WMCHealth’s Forensic Acute Care Team
…and more

Advancing Care – March/April 2018

Clear Eyes, Full Heart
Sexual Health for the LGBTQ Community
How WMCHealth Responds to a Mass Casualty
…and more

Advancing Care – January/February 2018

Discovering a Family Heart Condition
Three Women Received Heart Transplants Share Their Stories
What Affects Heart Disease?
…and more

Advancing Care – November/December 2017

Nourishing Newborns
Understanding Alzheimer’s
Pain Relief for Arthritis Sufferers
…and more

Advancing Care – September/October 2017

Growing Strong
Tapping the Power
Diet and Cancer
…and more

Advancing Care – July/August 2017

Unshakeable Spirit
Diary of a Survivor
Saving a Spine
…and more

Advancing Care – May/June 2017

Opioid Addiction
The Support Zone
Equine Therapy
…and more

Advancing Care – March/April 2017

True Believer
Counting Their Blessings
Put Down That Phone
…and more

Advancing Care – January/February 2017

Tiny Hearts, Beating Strong
Anatomy of a Heart Attack
I’m Alive
…and more

Advancing Care – November/December 2016

Fast Action
Caring for the Caregivers
Banking on Healthier Babies
…and more

Advancing Care – September/October 2016

A New Beginning
The Road to Recovery
Saving Life and Limb
…and more

Advancing Care – July/August 2016

Not Your Ordinary Valve Job
With a Little Help From My Friend
A Return to Normal
…and more

Advancing Care – May/June 2016

A Fresh Start
Aging in Place
…and more

Advancing Care – March/April 2016

Back on Track
Beating the Odds
Teamwork at Its Best
…and more

Advancing Care – January/February 2016

A Safe Harbor
Racing Against Time
The Future Is Now
…and more

Advancing Care – November/December

New Hip, New Hope
The Beat Goes On
Advancing Malawi’s Care
…and more

Advancing Care – September/October

Brain Trust
Leading the Way
Hard to Beat
…and more

Advancing Care – July/August

Cream of the Crop
At the Heart of Friendship
Caring for Caregivers
…and more

Advancing Care – May/June

Patient Care is Job One
Heart Health
Tiny Tools, Small Patients, Huge Medical Gains
…and more


Advancing Care – March/April

Matters of the Heart
The Great Exchange
Good News for Women
…and more