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Frank Perrone wasn’t eligible for open-heart surgery to replace his failing heart valve. Luckily for him, a cutting-edge alternative procedurewas available at WMC

By August 21, 2015 Features

Frank Perrone, 65, of Mohegan Lake, is a former boxer and race car driver and an active public servant. But his fast-paced lifestyle slowed in February 2015 when he experienced difficulty breathing. He knew something was wrong, and a trip to the ER at a local hospital confirmed it: He was told he had pneumonia. Though he was admitted to the hospital and discharged with a clean bill of health seven days later, he still felt like he couldn’t breathe. Further medical investigation revealed that pneumonia was in fact a misdiagnosis. Instead, his aortic valve was operating at 25 percent capacity, causing fluid to back up into his lungs.

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WMC is Making TAVR Easy

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Until recently, local patients in need of a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) had to undergo general anesthesia. Because these patients often were of advanced age or had other health issues, general anesthesia wasn’t always tolerated by all patients, especially because it required a temporary breathing tube to be placed in the patient’s airway. Read More

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